Body Bound

Hi everyone!

I hope you and your families are all doing well. Whether you’re locked in your apartment or taking care of patients or helping keep grocery stores open, thank you, and I hope this little handful of a story brings you some joy.

Body Bound is featured today on (which will email you a short story every day if you sign up). It’s an oldie of mine, and super short.

I hope you like it, and stay safe!

Barkley sleeping
It’s her birthday!

p.s. Shout-out to the amazing woman at PetSmart who brought a new collar to the car when Murphy’s broke yesterday!

writing is insane

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (okay, over the past couple of years) about how insane writing is.

I do pretty much the same thing every day, hoping it will take me somewhere new. I hope that even as I repeat the same actions, I’ll get a different result.

I read books on craft, I read books for fun, I think about how movies and television shows fit together, I help writerly friends refine their work, I send work for (possible) publication, and I write like a motherfucker.

I may as well jump a thousand times, thinking that someday I won’t simply land back on the floor, but that I’ll fly.

But that’s what writing is. It’s a daily grind, and it’s a lot of fun, and it’s crazy.

Here’s to the crazy.