Happy September, everyone!

Things are COVID-normal in Atlanta. School is back in person (I’m wearing a gasmask), I physically entered our local bakery yesterday for thirty seconds (with the gasmask) to order the best biscuits in the world, and after six months of grinding, Book 1 of 7 (with the working title “Violincident” and no gasmasks) is in a sharable state.

“Violincident” is the first in an urban fantasy series featuring Cora Williams, a graduate student at Boston’s Hawthorne Conservatory of Music who can control others’ emotions with her music. When she discovers that her mentor was murdered and no one is investigating, she takes matters into her own hands.

If you’re interested in reading a draft (now or later), and/or have an idea for a title, please shoot me an email or text.

I know there have been a lot of changes for everyone in the past year, and many of us want to fast forward to a better future in 2021. I sympathize, but there’s lots still to do this year, especially VOTING. Early/absentee voting has already started in some places, and Election Day is in only 43 days. It might not be easy — there might be lots of forms, or long waits on lines six feet apart from each other, but please get out there and make your voice count!

Be well, everybody.