Most of my work is available (for free!) online. Other stories are available in various digital and print anthologies.

Ink Stains Anthology Volume 4 — Ink Stains Anthology features beautifully dark fiction that will tingle your bones. “Mel & Pen” is about two twins, a magic necklace, and being very careful what you wish for. Available for e-readers and print.

The Journal of Microliterature — The name says it all. Micro. Literature. My story is called “Nonsense,” in which Susan Wolfenbarger’s hand behaves badly.

Hobo Pancakes — Hobo Pancakes features all kinds of humor – absurdism, sophistication, fart jokes, and everything in between. The stories, letters, and musings hold no punches and poke fun at just about everyone. I wrote “From the Outside In” about Joshua, who builds a fortress to protect himself from the apocalypse.

Drunk Monkeys — A wonderful humor/fantasy/eclectic magazine where you can read fiction, essays, reviews, and much more. No matter what you read on Drunk Monkeys, I bet you’ll be satisfied. My story “The Job Search: God Style” can be found in the first Drunk Monkeys anthology, downloadable from Amazon.

Bluestockings Magazine — A home for all genres of writing, Bluestockings works to explore issues of gender and sexuality. I wrote a crazy thing for the first issue called “These Are the Things That Matter.” It features elevators and jellybeans.

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