Most of my work is available (for free!) online. Other stories are available in various digital and print anthologies.

Dual Coast Magazine — “Beaches” in the winter are one of my favorite places. Windy, cold, and empty.

Word Riot — “Ashes on Cape Cod” is where I work on channeling my inner middle-school boy. Very short flash fiction. “I asked Jenny to be my girlfriend at lunch on the third day of seventh grade, after math class…” Note: Word Riot seems to have shut down, but hopefully not forever.

AntipodeanSF — “Wedding Planning” pokes fun at the traditions and mores of planning one’s nuptials. You need WHAT on the bridal cheeks? AntipodeanSF is an online magazine and radio show based in Australia that publishes a variety of fantasy and SF.

Ink Stains Anthology Volume 4 — Ink Stains Anthology features beautifully dark fiction that will tingle your bones. “Mel & Pen” is about two twins, a magic necklace, and being very careful what you wish for. Available for e-readers and print.

The Journal of Microliterature — The name says it all. Micro. Literature. My story is called “Nonsense,” in which Susan Wolfenbarger’s hand behaves badly. (The link isn’t working at the moment. I think the journal may no longer be active.)

Hobo Pancakes — Hobo Pancakes features all kinds of humor – absurdism, sophistication, fart jokes, and everything in between. The stories, letters, and musings hold no punches and poke fun at just about everyone. I wrote “From the Outside In” about Joshua, who builds a fortress to protect himself from the apocalypse.

Drunk Monkeys — A wonderful humor/fantasy/eclectic magazine where you can read fiction, essays, reviews, and much more. No matter what you read on Drunk Monkeys, I bet you’ll be satisfied. My story “The Job Search: God Style” can be found in the first Drunk Monkeys anthology, downloadable from Amazon.

Bluestockings Magazine — A home for all genres of writing, Bluestockings works to explore issues of gender and sexuality. I wrote a crazy thing for the first issue called “These Are the Things That Matter.” It features elevators and jellybeans.


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